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Three keys to competitiveness in an era of economic uncertainty

In a recent research done by IBM Institute for Business Value found that an alarming 90% of executives cite skilled labor availability and quality as a critical factor for their organisation when considering business expansion into new markets. Labor costs and Real estate costs came close second and third.

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Why companies such as yours moving to Octane Planning Analytics TM1 Managed Service? 


Who really is managing your application!

BI tools such as IBM Planning Analytics TM1 that provide reporting and insights to users beyond Finance end up as a hot potato where ownership is shared between Finance and IT. This also means there is a lack of focus in ensuring its updated and running optimally. Office of Finance is unable to leverage the full potential of the application and revert to reporting on excel or having Silos of information which is hard to get insights from. 

High cost of trying to do it yourself!

One of the key reason of starting Octane was to tackle the high cost of TM1 support via vendors (and the cheap ones were exactly that ..cheap). The only other option remains to build an in house team, which demands significant investments and flirts with inherent risks of staff turnover. Additionally your application strength is depended on the experience & quality of your resourcing.  

Lack of Governance, Compliance & Stewardship!

Outages, performance degradation, lack of automation all creep into applications as they evolve over the years with business. Octane keeps a tab, ensuring applications are tuned regularly via health-checks and optimisations are conducted. Also if the application is hosted on-premise, regular patches and upgrades are applied as and when due  or required. Other value ads being around consulting a road map of the application within your organisation



Octane Managed Service Inforgraphic

Cost Efficiencies

  • Reduced Operational Costs
  • Risk Free Migrations and Promotions
  • Refocus IT to Core Business Strategy

Time to Market

  • Accelerated deployment of Critical Workloads
  • Faster Incident and Problem resolution 
  • Lesser downtimes

Continual Improvements 

  • Programmatic approach towards Continual Process Improvement
  • Central Ownership and Management 
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